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The Embassy is happy to announce that Latvia will be featured in the upcoming episode of “Walking into the World – Baltic States Part I”, which is the popular travel destinations show of the state-run TV network Korean Broadcasting System.


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How to visit the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula | CNN Travel

Some tours also provide the chance to speak -- or go hiking -- with North Korean defectors to better understand what life is like across the border. "There are some farmers living within the DMZ on the North side," says Cockerell. "By and large, North Korean lives are very difficult." Even though you're tethered to a guide, the broader DMZ experience can pack in a few surprises, from the unexpected wildlife to a contemporary art museum , a three-hole golf course and the off-chance celebrity sighting. And if you would like to see a few aspects of the zone sans tour guide, you can visit the powerful DMZ Museum or Unification Tower -- both of which are open to independent travelers on the South. "I have been to the DMZ over 169 times and I have many great memories from this area," says Cockerell. "The strangest thing that ever happened was when Dennis Rodman sang 'Happy Birthday' to Kim Jong Un in 2014. That was unexpected and very unusual!" A tourist poses by the Goseong Unification Observatory. Carl Court/Getty Images AsiaPac/Getty Images While there may be a few surprises, the DMZ is not the kind of place where an average tourist can, or should, wander off. On both sides of the border, travelers must stay with their guides and military escorts at all times. You'll also be asked to sign a form that indemnifies authorities should you veer from the pack or chance upon a landmine. But when it comes to codes of conduct, it may surprise some travelers to learn that the southern side of the DMZ is stricter than the northern side.

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You Don't Need To Make Travel Mistakes Anymore! Read This!

So you are tossing and turning thinking about the next trip you will be taking. It may seem like a chore to plan, but that does not need to be the case. This piece can offer a few tips and tricks that can relieve much of your travel stress.

Keep a record of all critical information when you travel out of the country. You should have contact information for your embassy or consulate in your destination locale. If issues arise, you could need this information. The staff and personnel there can assist you with potential trouble.

Build in some flexibility about where you go when planning a vacation. While planning is good, being flexible opens you up to new experiences. Choosing a new place to go might save you some money.

If you have to buy a camera for your trip, think carefully before you buy. If you want to go backpacking, you'll want to pack a rechargeable battery. In almost all cases, you will want a digital camera that can be turned on and focused very quickly so that you don't miss the shot.

When taking a cruise that you have to drive to the port city of, stay in a hotel or motel, that provides free parking, the night before. Be sure to ask about parking deals in case they are not published.

Carry a doorstop with you to give your hotel stay a little bit of extra security. Many countries do not offer the security you need when staying in a hotel room. If you cannot access a deadbolt for the door, wedge a doorstop under it instead.

Before boarding your flight, get a quick workout in. Long flights are hard on your body. Sitting the same way for a long time can cause your legs or back to cramp. By having a speedy workout, or even stretching before your flight, you are reducing your chances of getting these cramps.

Check the websites of your airline to get the best deal. While you can find low fairs on travel websites such as Travelocity or Kayak, often the best deal is on the airline's website.

Always keep in mind where your belongings are, and keep your most important items in a place you always have access to. When carrying a purse, make sure you keep it tucked under your arm. Also, do not use bags that someone can easily open on a crowded subway or in another crowded public area. Select a travel bag that will help you keep your belongings safe.

Keep the business card from your hotel or something else with their information on it with you at all times. In the event that you get lost while meandering about, this info will help you find your way when using a taxi or other service. This is one of the most important suggestions that can be given as language barriers exist and you have a better chance of not getting lost.

If you are traveler with a motorcycle license, this can be a great way to travel on long road trips. Not only will you enjoy the experience, but it will cost you less in gas. A trip on a motorcycle is often a lot of fun.

If you will be on a long trip, be sure to pack a raincoat, specifically one with soft lining. You never know that the weather will be like. A great example of making the most of what you have is using a raincoat for cold weather, any rain that arises and even possibly as a bathrobe!

With this article's information, you should see that traveling doesn't need to be stressful. Just use these tips, and you'll feel better about the entire process. It's not time to be indecisive or full of worry; instead, get prepared to have the travel experience of a lifetime. จาง เจีย เจี้ ย pantip บริษัท ทัวร์